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LTECH Lighting Control System add brillance to Hiton, parse Yantai Hilton Hotel lighting project

Jun 28, 2016

With the rapid development of China's economy, A lot of new buildings go up in the city, Beautiful city is closely connected with the building lighting to become the "best line",The beauty of the building, not only lies in the "shape", Silent light and shadow to give a building to live properly projection of soul,  for this reason, the designers  make every effort for The pursuit of light more intelligent, energy-saving, comfortable and healthy which Leading brand of intelligent lighting solution LTECH understand, So in the development of 15 years, Constantly breakthrough the innovation in the field of intelligent lighting control technology, Bring more perfect dimmer experience for the customer.

LTECH, As the earliest company devoted to R&D, production, marketing LED intelligent lighting controller, Products are exported to all over Europe, America, Asia and Africa, Australia and other regions, have been extensive used in all parts projects of the world famous buildings, hotels, airports, shopping malls, Now also more and more popular in the domestic market, antai Hilton Hotel lighting project is one of them.

The Hilton Hotel was founded in 1919, In less than 90 years, From an extended to more than 100,  spread all over the world, become One of the largest hotel in the world, over the years, Hilton Hotel business is so good, Wealth growth so fast, The secret of success is to create the cultural atmosphere of “feel at home” , And carry out the idea to each employee's thought and behavior.

Yantai Hilton Hotel outdoor scene

Hilton as the industry's most prestigious brands, Its yantai Hilton Hotel location on location, environment, traffic, matching are superior place, ecological livable, very accord with Hilton group "at home" concept of culture and atmosphere.

LTECH, as LED lighting controller leader and innovators, Through the concept of customer first and professional technology to participate in the Hilton Hotel lighting project, add brillance to realize Hilton “ fell at home” concept, Won the highly appreciates from the hotel owner.

Yantai Hilton Hotel lighting project, total is constructed with LTECH 0-10V dimming driver, connect the control system to realize switch, dimming, scene control effect and so on, To realize the local or the whole light of unified control, Make the hotel the light sweet and romance, Let guests to travel like occupy at home in the same time, More energy saving, environmental protection, Reduce the hotal operation cost.

The hotel lobby, banquet hall

lighting effects of Hilton Hotel reception

lighting effects of Hilton Hotel banquet hall

lighting effects of Hilton Hotel meeting
Service hall of the hotel and rest area is the place to meet the customers, Where the lights of the low colour temperature is required (2500-3000K), high illumination (2001x), Strive to build bright and transparent, High-end luxury atmosphere, embodies the high-grade hotel, At the same time to meet customer expectations and create good atmosphere, help to let employees effectively do their jobs, in banquet hall, user also can adjust lighting brightness according to different scenarios.

lighting effects of Hilton Hotel corridor

lighting effects of Hilton Hotel corridor

lighting effects of Hilton Hotel corridor

lighting effects of Hilton Hotel lift well
Restaurants, lounge

lighting effects of Hilton Hotel Restaurant

lighting effects of Hilton Hotel Restaurant

dining hall


The hotel's restaurants, lounge is a place where guests dining and banquet, Light configuration need low colour temperature(2500-3000K), High color rendering (> 85), intensity of illumination (200 lx), This will highlight the dish delicious, Lift the appetite of the guest, let the guest happy to dine.

Guest room


Executive Room

Deluxe Ocean View Suite

Guest room is the most important guests sleep and rest, Light setting need to create a comfortable lighting environment, Illumination of the head of a bed 150lx, the desk light illuminance 300K, Other regions of illuminance 75K, color temperature 2500-3000k, CRI > 80.

LTECH technology used in LED lighting controller leads the scheme and technical, According to the requirements of the hotel each function different illumination, Customize for Hilton Hotel for energy conservation and environmental protection, Elegant environment of the LED lighting control, Hilton wine combining its own high-end brand appeal, add brillance by LTECH LED lighting control system, Will definitely bring to hotel guests “ feel at home".

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