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Project Case | Lighting Project in Beijing Military Museum

Nov 20, 2017


Shanghai World Expo Museum, Shanghai LuXun Museum and some smart lighting control project in museum was mentioned in previous project case. Lighting Project in Beijing Military Museum will be shared in this topic. Irreparable historical document and cultural relics is exhibited in Beijing Military Museum. Exhibits will be effected by the lighting. How to use the lighting for protecting the exhibits?

Come together guys, let’s find it!

2、Museum Introduction

It is located in the Beijing Chang An Avenue extended line. Built-in 1959,which is the birthday gift for 10th National Day. And it is the only large comprehensive military history museum in China, more than 80,000.00 square meters, 60,000.00 square meters construction area, 40,000.00 square meters display area, 94.7 meters high, 7 floors in central, 4 floors in two sides, 22 display hall, 2 display plaza. There is more than 340,000.00 exhibits and collections.

3、Lighting Solution

Public space, exhibition space, display cabinet is included of indoor lighting. The light-environment is much important in usage, eg, the suggestibility of spatial transformation, the level of display space, the comfort of the text reading, the protection of cultural relics, etc. Combined with the special points, LTECH offer the customized lighting control solution to them.

LTECH 0-10V LED dimming driver was used in this project, realizing 0.1-100% depth dimming. 0-10V dimming driver use the most advanced digital circuit design, built-in high performance MCU, which is supporting 5 in 1 depth flick-free dimming: 0-10V, 1-10V, 10VPWM, adjustable resistor and push dim. Dimmer and control system in the market is 100% compatible.

PWM dimming is used in LTECH 0-10V LED dimming driver. Perfect LED life and display index is made by the accurate digital dimming. The output dimming curve is suitable for the museum lighting solution. Professional lighting control system is requested by exhibition space lighting to ensure accurate projection, and accurate support to extend the level of exhibition space division. Then makes the exhibits have their own sense of independence in a small space, which will good enjoy for visitors. Smooth lighting and glare-free is requested in public space lighting to make any dart impact to vision.

Pay more attention in lighting projection position, light contrast, glare control, visual management, lighting hiding, ect, which to makes all exhibits showing perfect in The lighting solution in Beijing Military Museum.

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